General Data Protection Regulation at Spentex

General data protection regulation

General Data Protection Regulation at Spentex

General data protection regulation.

Spentex has been working hard over the past few months improving its data protection policies. We believe our customer data is not only important Spentex, but it’s also  equally important to have a good data protection policy in place. To meet the new GDPR standard and to be fully compliant, we have looked at our website and marketing procedures.

As we’re sure that you are aware, EU GDPR will affect businesses both inside and outside of the EU. Any non-EU company dealing with EU customers will have to comply with the GDPR.

To achieve full compliance we have had to:

  1. Tell existing and new customers who we are, what data we collect about them, why we collect the data, for how long you retain it and which third parties receive it (if any).
  2. We now have procedures in place which ensure that clear consent is given to us before we collect any data.
  3. We allow our users to access their data by request or in some circumstances via a login which they have created.
  4. We allow our website users to download and access their data
  5. We allow our website users to delete their data
  6. Perhaps most importantly of all, store any data collected on secured servers
  7. We also have steps in place to let our customers know if a data breach has occurred

We strictly adhere to these rules. Our privacy policy comprehensively details the information which we capture, and why we capture that data. We DO NOT collect any none essential data. Spentex only collect the data that’s essential to us conducting business with you.

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