Helping to bring comfort to burns survivors

Burn survivors

Helping to bring comfort to burns survivors

The more specific an item that needs sourcing, the more specialist knowledge a provider must have to track it down. Generic toilet rolls, for example – easy to get hold of. Bespoke components for pressure garments worn by patients with moderate to serious burns, or those suffering from lymphedema – not quite as simple.

Don’t worry you’re in expert hands.

Our customers worry not; Spentex can pull together orders as specific as they come. We’ve earned our status as an NHS-approved supplier with an ISO9001 accreditation, by always supplying high-end products.

Ordering via Spentex, rather than dealing directly with the manufacturer, also saves the NHS thousands of pounds in minimum order charges and storage. For most orders, we even absorb postage costs.

Though off the peg components may seem an attractive alternative, the last thing burns survivors need is uncomfortable clothing with zips and fastenings that dig into skin; or thread in their garments that’s coarse and scratchy. Take the Lycra we provide, for example, it even has wicking properties, and draws moisture away from the skin.

Another essential aspect of the fabric used by these patients is that it incorporates performance and durability, to ensure good scar management. Pressure garment therapy is certainly effective when it comes to the long-term management of scars. Studies support the positive effects survivors experience when wearing pressure garments – not just physically, but also psychologically. Patients appreciate the benefits pressure therapy offers, and also feel more comfortable covering their injuries, which can be distressing for themselves and others. Being able to offer bespoke garments in several colours is another bonus; having an element of choice is definitely an asset in this type of therapy, particularly for children.

We work closely with the NHS PITG team.

Accurate measurements are crucial, and the NHS PTIG team we work with approach the design and production of these garments as a dressmaker would, to ensure maximum comfort for the patient. Spentex routinely share ideas and feedback with the NHS staff via Facebook and also at group sessions. We’ve a long-standing relationship with the PTIG technicians, and everyone involved with burns survivors is committed to ensuring the garments they wear only help their recovery, and not hinder it.

In some cases, mass production isn’t the answer, and this is one example. The PTIG team never doubt that Spentex will provide exactly the component they need, with the precise specifications required, and of a quality they’ve come to expect. As we’ve said, sourcing quality products for garments is becoming increasingly difficult, but Spentex is truly dedicated to providing the best service, which is what we’ll continue to do.

Talking of dedication, the PTIG team are completely dedicated to their work, and Spentex certainly finds it inspiring to be involved with such a worthy project.

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