Measuring success

Measuring success

Measuring success

From a business point of view, there’s more than one way to measure success. For Spentex, being approached by renowned medical practitioners for our expertise was flattering, but knowing that the result of this meeting of minds was a product that improves mortality rates, well…how can you possibly put a measure on that?

The act of measuring is at the core of this story, as it’s why the Spentex Pickworth Rivers Tidal Volume Calculator was created.

‘Guesstimates’ and assumptions.

‘Guesstimates’ and assumptions have no place in an emergency situation. An accurate low tidal volume calculation can help medical professionals improve their treatment of acute respiratory issues, whilst an incorrect measure can have the opposite effect – for example, lung damage, or possibly even threatening the patient’s life.

Dr Pickworth contacted Spentex and asked for our help. The original method he and his medical colleagues employed to calculate low tidal volume involved cumbersome charts crammed full with numeric tables, that needed to be consulted once the patient’s gender and height had been determined (imagine capturing the latter if the patient in question is writhing in pain!). Dr Pickworth, and his colleague Dr Rivers, were in desperate need of a better process.

An accurate measure was required – a product that was easier to use by design, that provided the right calculation in double-quick time, and which wouldn’t prove a financial drain on already-shrinking public funds. Which is exactly what Spentex produced.

The Spentex measuring tape!

Spentex created a measuring tape that carries the all-important calculations on the product itself, which means no time is lost consulting text books for the right measurement; the answer is already at hand. Trying to work out the patient’s height is unnecessary with the Spentex Pickworth Rivers Tidal Volume Calculator, as accurate calculations can be obtained from measuring the patient’s ulna, which is more likely to be accessible in emergency situations (therefore equalling a more accurate reading). Latex free, the Spentex Pickworth Rivers Tidal Volume Calculator is perfect for a medical environment, and each disposable unit costs just 10p. You could say we smashed it.

We believe we’ve addressed all the problems Dr Pickworth and Dr Rivers described. Our tidal volume calculator benefits both practitioners and patients, and by no small measure…!

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