T0815H Weldable Alfatex Hook 50mm White

T0815H Weldable Alfatex Hook 50mm White

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Weldable Alfatex Hook 50mm White

Made in the European Union.

Manufactured in the European Union

SKU: T0815H


25 metre roll

Perfect for marquees

Other colours are subject to availability; please contact us with your requirements.

Bonding obtained via HF- or ultra-sonic welding, heat or solvents (aceton,

If the glue is activated with heat or solvents, the adhesion after a few minutes normally allows further processing.
IMPORTANT : assure that surface is compatible with these products
– minimum activating temperature: 100°c
– application temperature at room temperature (around 20°c)
– to be pressed together firmly
– the adhesive is not intended for removal and/or re-application

Supplied with full datasheet and application instructions.

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