Using the Spentex website

Spentexs' website

Using the Spentex website

Searching for products in the shop

Using our website

The website is easy to use, and all pages are just 1 or 2 clicks from the main menu.

Product search

You can search for any product using our product search bar (3 characters or more). You can enter a stock code (or partial stock code), a keyword or phrase. For example ‘zip’ or ‘Velcro’. There’s no need to press Enter, a product listing will display showing matching search terms.

You can them simply click on the appropriate term and you’ll be taken directly to that product.

Searching using product categories

Product Categories – the search alternative.

On most pages you’ll see the Category bar which displays all the product categories. You can use this to ‘drill’ into the store.

Press the ‘+’ to expand the category or ‘‘ to close a category.

Clicking on a category will show all products within the chosen category. You can mouse over categories too.

The number of products in each category/sub category are shown in blue.

If you’re in the store, the category that you’re viewing will be highlighted in the category bar so you know exactly where you are.

Changing the product display and items shown.

Here again this is easy to match your personal preference. You can choose how many items to display, the order (price, popularity, reviews, etc),  grid view (default) and line view from drop-downs.

Changing product view type

Product options.

There are two types of product, simple and variable. Simple products can be added to the basket by clicking ‘Add to basket’.

Variable products are precisely that. They have a number of variants (colour, size, etc) in this case you’ll see ‘Select Options’. Pressing this button will take you to that products page, where you can make a choice of colour, size, etc.

Product Types, simple and variable

Variable Product appearance

Variable Products appearance.

You can select  Colour and size options, then ‘Add to basket’.

If you make the wrong selection simply click on a new selection and add to basket. You can continue to add selections of the current product to your basket after adding an option to your basket.

Your chosen selection description will appear below the main product title.

The Heart.

Want to save an item for later. Then simply press the ‘Heart.’ The item is added to your wish list.

Next time you return to our website, your wish list items will be there ready for you from the My Account > Wishlist  menu. You can add them to the basket from there.

Viewing your shopping basket

Checking your shopping basket at a glance.

Simple, just hover on the Shopping bag at the top of any page. The Shopping Bag shows how many items there are in your basket and the total excluding VAT and admin charges.

Any discounts applied are calculated and shown at the Checkout.

You can Checkout or view your basket by pressing the appropriate button.

Require additional product information?

That’s catered for too. Towards the bottom of each products page there are 3 additional tabs.

  • Description – provides a detailed product description.
  • Additional Information – provides product options, size, colour and weight
  • Reviews – Customer reviews. If you purchase a product from Spentex, then you can leave a product review.
Additional product information

View Cart and Checkout pages.

The view cart page shows the items that you have ordered. You can add/subtract or delete products on this page. It shows the size and colour of all products ordered (if they have size and colour options).

As well as the basket total, charges and discounts.

The Checkout page shows the same information, plus delivery and invoice addresses that you’ve previously setup.

When you place an order with us, an order summary page is shown.

Shopping basket and checkout pages

Confirmation emails show all order information.

Order Confirmation.

We send order confirmations by email. The email shows complete order detail including product images, stock codes, colour and sizes selected (where applicable).

Special offers and sale items.

These are available from the main menu.


Our aim is to provide you with an easy to use service. If you require assistance, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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