T0200 BMI Tape Measures Retractable Circumference

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BMI Tape Measures Retractable Circumference.

Country of origin: EU

SKU: T0200


200cm / 78 inches long.

Made in Gerrmany.

Obesity is becoming a huge problem (no pun intended). This innovative tape measure allows health care professionals to measure and calculate and monitor a person’s BMI. Handy for pockets, ideal for dieticians, districts nurses, clinicians etc.

Weight control to Body-Mass-Index
Calculate Body-Mass-Index (BMI) for given height and weight.

Easy reading on the turntable.

Measuring scale: printed on both sides cm-mm scale, and analogue, graduation (combination cm + inch).

Casing can be printed with your logo, name etc., no extra charge, but minimum order quantity is 300. Please ask for more details.

To ensure long life of the tape measure printing is not resistant against sweat, grease/oils, disinfectants, high humidity and heat.

The material of this tape measures is PVC coated polyester. No latex.

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