TS3686 Sleep Angel Transparent Cover Pillow 46 x 71cms

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Sleep Angel Transparent Cover Pillow 46 x 71cms EU

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46 x 71 cms
Safety standards:
Filling flammability in accordance with The Furniture and Furnishings
(Fire) (Safety) Regulations 1988 and Amendments Schedule 2 Part I BS
5852 : Part 2 : 1982
Pillow flammability in accordance with: BS 7175 ignition source 0, 1 and
5 BS EN ISO 12952-1:2010 and

The SleepAngel® pillow provides a clinically proven barrier to contamination and features the patented PneumaPure™ filter technology. This filer technology enables the pillow to ventilate, so it is comfortable, but prevents the passage of liquids and airborne pathogens that colonise the interior of standard bedding products.
Fabric: 100% Polyurethane; Transparent thermoplastic polyurethane 150g/m2
Fabric weight: 150 g/m2
Inner cover: 100% Polypropylene 40g/m2
Filling: 100% PrimaLoft® Bio™ fibre
Label: Black print on TPU
Cleaning: Disinfect with max. 72% alcohol, max. 1000 ppm active chlorine.
Wipe off with a water moistened cloth

SleepAngel  Manufacturer’s Code 3018024

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